Bob Brown v. Jacobsen

Montana’s Public Service Commission districts remained unchanged between 2003 and 2021, despite significant population shifts across the state.  By 2020, the population difference between the least and most populated districts exceeded 50,000 Montanans.  The legislature refused to redraw district boundaries to reflect current population levels, and it killed bills that would have solved the problem in nearly every session over the last decade.

In December 2021, Montana voters Bob Brown, Hailey Sinoff, and Don Seifert sued the Montana Secretary of State, alleging that the Commission districts were unconstitutionally malapportioned in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's one-person, one-vote rule.  On March 8, 2022, a three-judge federal district court declared the existing districting plan and map unconstitutional and ordered implementation of a new map with a more equal population distribution.

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